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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball 2721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 10-46 - 3-Pack

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Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Slinky Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkys®, the iconic electric guitar strings optimised with a new alloy formulation widely revered by hundreds of guitar greats including Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Randy Jackson, Tony Levin, and Slash

Cobalt Slinky
Cobalt strings' special iron/cobalt blend attracts the magnets in your pickups better than any other alloy. The smooth slinky feel of the strings means your pick will seem to glide over the strings, letting you execute fast passages effortlessly. And when you plug in, you'll get increased power, beefy yet defined lows, improved midrange focus, harmonics, and sustain and crisp highs. These non-coated strings are strong, and will last longer than most, making them a sensible option with added growl!

String gauges in inches:
E. 1st - .010"
B. 2nd - .013"
G. 3rd - .017"
D. 4th - .026"
A. 5th - .036"
E. 6th - .046"