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Keeley Compressor Plus Effect Pedal

Keeley Compressor Plus Effect Pedal

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The Legendary Keeley Compressor Plus

Introducing the Keeley Compressor Plus - the ultimate tool for achieving professional-quality compression, limiting, and sustain on your instrument. With over 95,000 units sold, Keeley Electronics has become a renowned name in the world of boutique compressors, and the Compressor Plus takes the original design to new heights.

Unlike a regular compressor, experience enhanced control with the simple and straightforward new features of the Keeley Compressor Plus, the most popular boutique compressor. The Release Switch is expertly tuned for single coil or humbucker guitars, eliminating the guesswork of attack and release settings. Humbuckers with more average energy can often cause compressors to remain in "compression mode" for too long, resulting in a dull and lifeless sound. With the quick-release function via a toggle switch to control release time, each note retains dynamic attack and definition. Take full advantage of the Tone Control, a unique design inspired by vintage analog delays and effects. This emphasis circuit recovers treble and highs lost during compression, adding back just the right amount of shimmer to your guitar sound.

The Blend Control is another standout feature of the Keeley Compressor Plus pedal, allowing you to retain peaks and transients while adding sustain on the back end. The blend know allows you to mix the dry signal to obtain your perfect sounding compression. Whether you're creating ambient layers, wall-of-tone effects with your favorite fuzz or amplifying your sound, this compressor pedal is the perfect compressor tool.

And that's not all: the Keeley Compressor Plus pedal also functions as an expander/sustainer, adding more gain as notes fade out to provide sustain and expressive bloom to your playing. With this compressor, no note or bend will die before its time. The Keeley Compressor Plus pedal is suitable for players of all styles, from heavy funk to subtle ambient washes. It's the ideal tool for creating balanced loops, and nothing pushes an amp better.

Chief Engineer and founder Robert Keeley has been specializing in compressors for over 15 years, perfecting his craft with a combination of science and art. The Keeley Compressor Plus pedal is a testament to his dedication, deep understanding of compression and the compression process, and it's made entirely in the USA to the highest standards of quality.

Join the ranks of professionals who have relied on the original compressor and Keeley Compression for a decade or more, and add the Compressor Plus to your rig. Your guitar will sing like never before.

Watch the videos from Keeley Electronics and Shane from the YouTube channel InTheBlues, as he demonstrates the Keeley Compressor putting the pedal plus through its paces.

Specifications and Features:

  • 100% Analog
  • Controls - Sustain, Blend, Tone & Level
  • Pick-up switch - Single Coil or Humbuckers
  • Power requirements - 9V DC (negative centre), low current consumption 10mA ( power supplied not provided)
  • True Bypass
  • Designed & Built in the USA
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