Collection: Guitar Chorus Pedals

Are you looking for a guitar chorus effect pedal? Chorus pedals deliver a shimmering or thickening sound making one guitar sound like two or more. They are the perfect addition if you want to add an extra dimension to live performances or to add colour to your song writing in the studio!

Chorus effects are popular because they improve the overall sound of your guitar and add more dimensions to your tone. Chorus enhances depth and texture, provides a broader soundstage, delivers thicker tones and produces clean and ambient sounds. It can deliver a vintage vibe and the chorus effect which is great during live performances.

What Does a Guitar Chorus Pedal Do?

Guitar chorus pedals have three key features. First up pitch modulation where the pitch of the note is varied slightly along with adding a bit of variable delay. Chorus pedals also control modulation speed, chorus effect depth and feedback to provide variable parameters that shape the final sound of the guitar.

Chorus pedals may also split the signal coming in from the guitar and sending it to two different paths delivering a wet signal and a dry signal. The dry signal comes directly from the guitar with no effect while the wet signal is the signal from the effect. The pedal then mixes the wet and dry signal to create a blended sound that can be presented in stereo.

Other key features of chorus effect pedals include:

  • Rate – controls the modulation speed and delivers a shimmering effect at faster rates and a smoother chorus at slower rates.
  • Depth – controls modulation intensity. Setting the depth higher creates a pronounced detuning effect. Lower-depth settings create a milder course effect.
  • Level or Mix – balances the wet and dry signal.
  • Tone – like many effects pedals, the tone control provides frequency shaping of the effect’s tonal characteristics.

Where Does a Chorus Pedal Go in the Chain?

There isn’t a perfect answer to this question and it’s always best to experiment. Here are some placements for chorus pedals in the signal chain:

  • Before Delay Effects – putting the chorus pedal before time-based effects, including reverb, delay or echo can create more space or depth in the sound.
  • After Gain Effects – placing the chorus pedal after overdrive or distortion effects can produce a textured and more pronounced sound.
  • In the Effects Loop – when the amplifier has an effects loop, placing the chorus pedal within the effects loop can produce some interesting tones and create a more defined modulation.

How to Choose a Guitar Chorus Pedal?

When choosing a guitar chorus pedal, consider the following:

  • Does it meet your needs?
  • Does it fit within your budget?
  • Do you want analog or digital?
  • Does it have good reviews?
  • Will it fit your pedalboard?
  • Does the brand have an excellent reputation?