About Us

At Archer K Music, we know guitarists are always searching for their own tone and want to recreate the tone of great guitarists. We are a family owned and run business based in Melbourne. Our focus is on sourcing the best guitar gear available from around the world so that guitarists can create their ultimate tone.

Archer K Music owner and founder Sam Pitruzzello picked up the guitar when he was 12. The inspiration came after hearing Kiss on the radio. And the inspiration kept coming from legendary bands like The Eagles, Toto, AC/DC, Queen, The Police, Def Leppard, Guns 'n Roses, INXS, The Angels, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and many more.

Sam's passion for the electric guitar along with a curious nature drove him to learn all about electronics, effects and amplifiers spending his teenage years pulling apart all manner of electronic equipment. He has played lead guitar in bands around Melbourne's cover band scene. He currently plays in a new band with his daughter Siena on drums and wife Sarina who sings backing vocals.

Archer K Music - perform better.