Collection: Guitar Boost Pedals

Are you looking to amplify your sound with guitar boost pedals? These versatile effects add dynamic control and clean volume-boosting experience to help put your sound into overdrive. Add a well-chosen boost pedal to your guitar rig today.

Guitar boost pedals deliver a crystal-clear volume boost and enhance your sound without altering the guitar's tone. A boost pedal is an excellent paddleboard addition for guitarists looking to stand out during solos, push their amps to overdrive, or deliver a punchier sound.

What Does a Guitar Boost Pedal Do?

This type of pedal is designed with transparency in mind. Their goal is to preserve the guitar and amplifier tonal characteristics in its original tone without altering the sound, instead boosting it. These pedals don’t significantly change or colour your tone. Instead, they are designed to boost the strength of the signal and make your guitar sound cut through.

More significantly, boost pedals are specifically slated to make the guitar's sound louder and more prominent during solos and in a mix. A guitar boost pedal does so by:

  • Increasing Volume – this is a boost pedal's fundamental function and primary purpose because it's designed to boost a guitar signal and volume. The volume increase is typically used to make the guitar stand out more and make creative dynamic shifts while playing, which lets it cut through a dense sound mix.
  • Transparent Tone Enhancement – other effects pedals are intentionally designed to colour the tone or add effects, including delay, modulation and distortion. This is not the purpose of a boost pedal, because it's designed to be completely transparent. It amplifies the original sound and nothing more.
  • Pushing Amplifiers – the beauty of guitar boost pedals is their ability to push an amps input stage much harder creating a saturated or crunchier tone pushing the amp into overdrive.
  • Other Benefits – this type of pedal can also aid in tone shaping, solo boost, buffered bypass, and more.

Where Does a Boost Pedal Go in the Chain?

You can place a boost pedal within the guitar signal chain at different points. Where you place it will directly impact how it interacts with your amplifier and other pedals. Some ways to position your boost pedal within the signal chain include:

  • Before Overdrive/Distortion Pedals (Preamp Boost): by placing the pedal before the distortion or overdrive pedals, you are creating a preamp boost. This will increase the guitar signal strength before it enters the distortion/overdrive effects.
  • After Overdrive/Distortion Pedals (Post amp boost): putting the pedal in position after the distortion/overdrive pedals is called a post amp boost. This helps increase the overall volume but doesn't affect the distortion/overdrive gain characteristic effects.