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Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 Boost Effect Pedal

Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 Boost Effect Pedal

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Xotic Effects Bass RC Booster - A Transparent Boost just for Bass

The Bass RC Booster is a super transparent boost pedal designed to add clarity and definition to your Bass Guitar tone. Bassists looking for an extra boost in their sound without sacrificing clarity will find this to be the perfect solution. The Bass RC Booster offers a 2-band EQ and 15dB boost/cut filter, making it suitable for a variety of tonal needs for Bass players.

The Bass RC Booster enhances the natural harmonics and opens up your sound. Now with even more gain! The BRC-V2 is the perfect remedy for signal loss, EQ limitations and signal interference common to vintage Basses.

The BRC-V2 is perfect for stage and studio applications so that you can stand out in the mix.

For fatter, punchier Bass tones.


  • Super Transparent 20dB+ Clean Boost
  • Adjustable +-15dB 2-Band Active EQ
  • Channel 1 Gain, Channel 2 Gain, Treble, Bass and Volume configuration
  • Blue Gain 2 LED
  • Run it at 18v for even more headroom!
  • Power Consumption: 9VDC/6mA or 18VDC/6mA
  • AC Adapter (optional): 9VDC-18VDC, Negative Tip
  • Input Impedance: 500k ohm
  • Output Impedance: 10k ohm
  • Dimensions: 112mm x 60mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 280g
  • True Bypass
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