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Elixir E19052 Optiweb Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings - Light Gauge 10-46

Elixir E19052 Optiweb Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings - Light Gauge 10-46

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E19052 Optiweb Electric Guitar Strings - Light Gauge 10-46
1 Set (6 strings) of Light Gauge Elixir Optiweb .010 to .046 Electric Guitar Strings. TThe new Elixir Optiweb string offer the feel and tone of an uncoated string, but with a far superior longevity.

New Optiweb Technology
Elixir's new electric nickel plated steel strings with Optiweb coating give you the performance of a natural string — that crisp tone, natural feel and playable grip you know and love - without sacrificing the signature long-lasting tone life of Elixir Strings. The coating technology still protects against common corrosion and debris buildup, extending tone life longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings.

Light Gauge
This is arguably the most popular string gauge set for 6-string, electric guitar. The .010 gauge string is the smallest, referring to the first string and the .046 is the largest or sixth string. The other strings are gauged accordingly for the most even tension, feel, and sound. In standard tuning—E, B, G, D, A, E— on an electric guitar that has a normal scale length—24.5″–25.5". These gauges offer a balance between playability and tone.


  • Offers the same crisp tone as an uncoated string
  • OPTIWEB Coating provides a natural feel
  • Electric guitar strings constructed with nickel-plated steel wrap wire
  • Elixir's patented coating technology extends tone life
  • Anti-Rust Plating on plain steel strings ensures longer tone life for the entire set
  • Reduces hassle and expense of frequent string changes

String gauges below in inches:
E. 1st - .010"
B. 2nd - .013"
G. 3rd - .017"
D. 4th - .026"
A. 5th - .036"
E. 6th - .046"

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