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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball 2566 Al-Bronze Acoustic Strings Med Light 12-54 - Single

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The Future Of Acoustic Strings is Here
Ernie Ball have always been known for making great acoustic strings, but the Aluminum Bronze alloy is something completely new.

More Lows, Punchier Mids, Enhanced Clarity
Made from a blend of copper and aluminium specifically tailored for acoustic guitar strings, any instrument that you put a set of Aluminum Bronze strings on immediately takes on a noticeable improvement in projection and tone. Simply put, you get ‘more’ of everything that most people want from their guitar. More lows, punchier mids, enhanced clarity and greater definition between the voices in a strummed chord.

The most important factor when considering strapping on a set of Aluminum Bronze strings isn’t that some of the greatest acoustic guitar players in the world - like John Mayer, Andy McKee, Preston Reed, Mike Dawes and others contributed to its creation and development.

The most important factor when considering Aluminum Bronze strings is the sound.

String below gauges in inches:
E. 1st - .012"
B. 2nd - .016"
G. 3rd - .024"
D. 4th - .032"
A. 5th - .044"
E. 6th - .054"