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Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Effect Pedal

Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Effect Pedal

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Turn down the lights, turn up the spectrum…

Keeley Electronics' grand entrance into the hallowed halls of reverb processing – the Aurora Reverb. From the distant echo of cathedrals to 600 pound sheet-metal plate vibrations to spring reverb coils in a tank, reverb captures our imaginations and plunges us deeply into our musical psyches. Few effects complement a guitar better than reverb.

The Aurora Reverb at Keeley Electronics was required to meet specific criteria, including affordability without compromising audio quality. The guitar pedal had to be simple and inspiring for guitarists to use. It needed to provide the basics for tone customization without overwhelming it with knobs. The final result is a low noise, 24 Bit, High-Fidelity Reverb Processor with a 100% dry analog path, low noise with true bypass. And it sounds great! When asked about "trails," it's hard to understand why someone would want to turn it off.

The controls provide a range of options for different types of acoustic environments, including fast reflections, ethereal spaces and deep, endless caverns.

The Decay control allows for adjustment of the duration of the reverberated sound to fade away. The Aurora Reverb provides a range from a realistic, close-quarters reverberated dimension to a walk-away-and-come-back signal of complex, still-ringing musical reflections.

Slapback: Slapback is what we call pre-delay. Pre-delay creates distance. The timing of the first reflection is important when creating the reverberated space. In certain instances, it may be preferred to have no pause between a note and its accompanying reverb. Sometimes delaying the reverb to join the dry signal can enhance clarity in certain situations. This type of setting would allow for short, abrupt, and one-syllable expressions to fully sound out before being blended with previously echoed sounds. To create a sense of infinite space, adjust your Slapback to zero and you will experience a vivid streaking effect similar to Dr. David Bowman escaping from Jupiter's gravity. The Keeley Aurora Slapback setting offers a time range of zero to 100 milliseconds, which is impressive given the pedal's small size.

Warmth: The warmth control on our device is unique in that it increases warmth when dialed up, as it is a dampening control. The brightest setting is achieved when the control is completely dialed down.

Blend: The Keeley Aurora Reverb pedal-board unit blends your 100% analog dry signal with varying levels of reverb using the Blend Knob. The Aurora, like any reverb pedal, should be placed at the end of your signal chain to achieve the optimal sound customization.

The Toggle Switch:

The three most popular reverb styles that don't come built into your amplifier are Room, Plate and Hall. In the smallest footprint possible, we offer what used to take up an entire studio room. You can achieve cathedral resonance, enormous surface areas of sheet-metal plate sounds or convincing room decays. Room sizes range from something like a broom closet to that of a barn. (And I also want to add that careful adjustments to the Room settings yield a signal bordering on the verge of spring reverb, so if your amp doesn't already have a tank, we've got you covered.)

The Keeley Aurora Reverb delivers on the promise to give guitarists a reverb that not only meets their needs but also sits beautifully on their pedal boards. the Keeley Aurora produces a halo of sound in the atmosphere surrounding your core tone.

Watch the videos from Keeley Electronics and Andy Martin's review of the Keeley Aurora Reverb pedal on the ProGuitarShopDemos YouTube channel. Andy demos the Keeley Aurora Reverb pedal including its 'Warmth' function which dampens long trailed delay sounds and provides greater distinction between the wet and dry sounds.

Specifications and Features:

  • Mode Select - Hall, Plate, Room
  • Controls - Decay, Warmth, Slapback & Blend
  • Power Requirements - 9V DC (centre negative) current draw 65mA+ ( power supplied not provided)
  • True Bypass
  • Designed & Built in the USA
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