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Keeley Compressor Mini-Black Effect Pedal

Keeley Compressor Mini-Black Effect Pedal

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The next generation of Keeley Compression

Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini – We’ve Done The Math For You.

The Keeley Compressor Mini is designed for guitarists as a next-generation compression device. It offers a blend of dynamic and compressed guitar signal in a Manhattan-style compression that aids with the retention of subtle and dynamic aspects of playing. With its intuitive design, users can expect to sound their best with ease.

The Compressor Mini now has an adjustable all-new transient release time to tailor the sound of single coils and humbuckers. In addition, it is equipped with an automatic tone recovery circuit that maintains clarity even when a high compression levels are applied. Additionally, its pre-amp tone enhances the performance of effects pedals and amplifiers.

This compact pedal is versatile and suitable for any style of guitar playing - whether live on stage or in the recording studio, the Compressor Mini is your secret weapon. The Keeley Compressor Mini has revolutionized compression by creating the new calculus for great tone.

The Compressor Mini comes packed with features, including an increased sustain range for even more subtle compression, auto-blend for the perfect blend to enhance clarity and note definition, a built-in pre-amp for incredible guitar tone, and true bypass.

Experience the Keeley Sustain and Transparency - 20 years worth of toneful compression - and watch videos from Keeley Electronics and Andy Martin's YouTube channel to witness the pedal's dynamic range and versatility with both single coil and humbucker pick-ups.

Get your hands on the Keeley Compressor Mini and experience the new era of compression for yourself.

Specifications and Features:

  • Increased sustain range for subtle compression
  • Auto-blend to enhance clarity and note definition
  • A new transient release time that makes humbuckers sing & single coils pop
  • Automatic tone recovery, a treble clarifier for high compression settings
  • A built-in pre-amp for incredible guitar tone and True Bypass
  • Power Requirements - 9V DC, 10mA current draw ( power supplied not provided)
  • Designed and built in the USA
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