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Keeley Dark Side

Keeley Dark Side

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Keeley Dark Side - Prog Rock inspired Fuzz, Modulation & Delay

The Keeley Dark Side is the ultimate tool for guitarists looking to explore new sonic territories. This versatile effects pedal is inspired by the progressive rock sounds of the '70s, and is designed to help you create textures and emotions that cannot be achieved with your fingers alone. The Dark Side provides all the textures that define an essence, in one pedal.

The Dark Side is a complete workstation, consisting of three core elements: fuzz, delay, and modulation. The fuzz side of the pedal is based on a 1977 op-amp style, but with modern updates and a more transparent sound that retains the essence of your guitar's natural tone. The delay and modulation side provides you with a range of options, including 12 syncopated delay settings that emulate the tonal qualities of old spinning drum tape delays, and four different modulation effects (flanger, rotary speaker cabinet, U-Vibe, and phaser) that you can blend together to create new and unique sounds.

At the heart of the Dark Side is a hand-built board that contains analog fuzz and a high-quality 24-bit DSP engine. The Keeley team has analyzed decades worth of gear to create original tones and an endless range of in-between sounds that are unique to this pedal. Even if you own other Keeley effects, you won't find these exact sounds anywhere else.

With the Dark Side, you get a mother lode of effects and sounds that will take your playing to the next level. Every detail of the pedal has been meticulously crafted by Keeley's experienced technicians engineers, from the high-end DSP to the hand-assembled and soldered components. If you're looking to push the boundaries of what's possible with guitar effects, the Dark Side is the ultimate tool for exploring the sonic universe.

Watch the videos from Keeley Electronics and Andy Martin's review of the Keeley Dark Side on the ProGuitarShopDemos YouTube Channel. Andy demos the pedal showing its versatility with its dual effects capability - the all analog Fuzz side and feature packed Mod side with five different effect types.

Specifications and Features:

  • Fuzz Side Controls - Fuzz, Filter, Level plus Fuzz Mid Switch (3 Fuzz Voices - Flat, Full or Scoop)
  • Modulation Side Controls - Depth, Rate, Blend & Level with Delay/Modulation Mode Select Switch
  • Modulation Effects - Phaser, UVibe, Rotary, Flanger & Multi-head Tape Delay
  • Effect Order Switching
  • Expression Pedal Input Jack
  • Power Requirements - 9V DC (centre negative) with 75mA+ current draw ( power supplied not provided)
  • Designed & Built in the USA
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