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Keeley Parallax Spatial Generator

Keeley Parallax Spatial Generator

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Well, Keeley has done it again…

Introducing the Keeley Parallax Spatial Generator, a pedal that takes your guitar tone to the next level.

This pedal combines the analog-style modulated delays of the legendary Caverns with unique, shoegaze-inspired reverbs of the Realizer in one compact enclosure. On one side, the Parallax offers warm, repeating delays that create a soft bed of sound, while the other side provides a range of reverb settings from ambient modulations to reverse setting-vibrato swirls. When both sides are paired together, the Parallax is the perfect pedalboard solution for experimental tone seekers.

Reverb Side of the Parallax:

Choose from three finely-tuned reverb effects that cater to shoegaze and ambient guitarists who have already found their perfect drive or fuzz tone. Select your favorite reverb mode and take a slow dive into the hazy, atmospheric sounds that you’ve always dreamed of.

Parallax Reverb Modes:

Soft Focus – This lush, surreal mode is a recreation of the popular Soft Focus patch from the Yamaha FX500 multi-effects processor. The DECAY control changes both the decay time of the reverb and feedback for the dual delay, while the DEPTH control adjusts the depth of all four chorus voices.

Reverse Reverb – Inspired by the two most popular rack-mount reverb effects of the 80s and 90s, the Yamaha SPX90 and the Alesis Midiverb II. The DECAY control switches between eight different fixed delay times from a quick 150ms to a half second. The WARMTH control in this mode works like the Jazzmaster rhythm pickup tone control.

Hall (Hall Reverb with Ascending Shimmer) – A hall reverb with an octave up. The output of the reverb is fed into an octave up which then feeds back into the input of the reverb, creating an infinitely ascending octave feedback loop. The DEPTH control changes how noticeable this pitch effect is.

Delay Side of the Parallax:

The Delay side of the Parallax offers three-way switchable modulation that gives you access to even more analog textures. These carefully voiced echoes sit well in the mix whether clean or paired with your favorite drive or fuzz.

Parallax Delay Modulation Modes:

Off – Classic analog-style warm delay with no modulation.
Deep – Heavy, swirling modulation is added to the delay trail.
Light – Softer, gentle modulation is added to the delay trail.

Use the Rate, Blend, and Repeats knobs in conjunction with the mode switch to unlock the full palette of delay sounds in the Parallax. With its versatile and creative soundscapes, the Keeley Parallax Spatial Generator will inspire you to new heights.

Features & Specifications: 

  • Effect Types - Delay & Reverb with Modulation and Pitch Shifting
  • Delay Side Controls - Time, Repeats, Rate, Blend with Modulation Select Switch (Off, Deep & Light)
  • Reverb Side Controls - Decay, Depth, Warmth, Blend with Reverb Select Mode Switch (Hall, Reverse, Soft Focus)
  • Power Requirements - 9V DC (centre negative), current draw 75mA+ ( power supplied not provided)
  • True Bypass
  • Designed & Built in the USA
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