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Keeley Verb O Trem

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The Keeley – Eddie Heinzelman “VERB O TREM”

Introducing the Keeley Verb O Trem - a collaboration between Keeley Electronics and Eddie Heinzelman. Designed to offer guitar players a beautiful and straightforward way to add Keeley's signature spring and plate reverbs, as well as modulated tube amp tremolos, to the end of their signal chain.

Whether you're aiming for a compact setup or want to combine the power of reverb and tremolo, the Keeley VoT provides a versatile and sonically pleasing solution. This single DSP effect packs studio-quality sounds crafted over the years by working musicians and studio engineers.

Featuring two modes of reverb - 2 Spring and Plate, accessible via a dipswitch under the backplate - the VoT's reverb mode control lets you adjust the volume and decay length to create your ideal sound. On the tremolo side, the R+T mode offers an organic tube bias type tremolo that modulates the volume by changing the tube amp bias, while the Mack mode provides a MagnaAmp style pitch vibrato that smoothly shifts the pitch by changing the phase.

For the classic Tower of Flower sound, the Harmonic Tremolo (HAR) mode combines two filters that move back and forth to create a notch filter. Plus, you can use the VoT for reverb, tremolo, or both by setting the controls accordingly. If you need reverb only, reduce the depth control, and if you prefer tremolo only, roll off the reverb control.

Explore the development and features of the Verb O Trem with Keeley Electronics by watching the informative videos. The Keeley VoT is a must-have for players looking for a simple and elegant way to utilize reverb and tremolo effects.

Watch the videos from Keeley Electronics covering the development and features of the Verb O Trem.