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Red Witch

Red Witch Fuzz God IV Fuzz Effect Pedal

Red Witch Fuzz God IV Fuzz Effect Pedal

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The Red With Fuzz God IV - The Most Dial-able Fuzz on the planet.

The Fuzz God IV is the fourth iteration of the Fuzz God series offering improved sound quality and increased versatility. Fuzz pedals are commonly used by guitar players to add a thick and aggressive character to their sound, making them ideal for a range of genres, from rock and metal to experimental and psychedelic. This squarely suits the Fuzz God IV.

Equipped with dual NOS (new old stock) Silicon BC109 transistors coupled to a germanium diode Octavia and rounded off with an internal 8 way DIP switch allowing 264 different tone and gain combinations. Also featuring the crazed switchable oscillation of Fuzz God II’s “Wrath”, there's nothing the Fuzz God IV can't do.

Imagine a Fuzz sound. The Fuzz God IV can do it.


  • 3 tiered foot-switches control effect engage (left hand), Octavia (centre) and wrath oscillation (right).
  • Tri-colour LED indicates pedal mode – Red (Engaged), Blue (Octavia), Green (Wrath), Violet (Fuzz with Octavia), Cyan – Fuzz with Wrath), White (Fuzz with Octavia and Wrath).
  • Volume control sets the pedal output.
  • Fuzz control determines how much or how little fuzz you have.
  • Wrath control sets the frequency of the oscillation note. This control interacts with Fuzz and Sputter
  • Sputter control allowing direct control of transistor bias – clockwise for smooth, silken fuzz, counterclockwise for gated, sputtery angst.
  • NOS BC109b and BC109c transistors as used in multiple classic early 70’s Fuzz pedals.
  • 8 Way DIP switch – 6 different tone settings and 3 different gain settings.
  • Top mounted toggle switches can bypass internal DIP settings (Gain toggle bypasses to maximum gain, Tone toggle bypasses to max treble setting).
  • Germanium diode based Octavia effect (only useable when Fuzz is engaged (left foot-switch)
  • True Bypass
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