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Voodoo Lab

Voodoo Lab Dingbat Small EX Pedalboard with Pedal Power X8

Voodoo Lab Dingbat Small EX Pedalboard with Pedal Power X8

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DINGBAT SMALL is ideal for assembling a compact and lightweight board with 4 to 6 essential effects. Secured in its included tour-grade soft case, SMALL is compact enough to stow easily in the overhead compartment or beneath the forward seat of any aircraft. Installing Pedal Power® with the included mounting hardware is quick and easy using only a screwdriver. Hook-and-loop tape is provided to attach pedals, as well as zip ties and 4-way tie mounts to secure cabling underneath.

A key element in executing a flawless performance is a clean, organized pedalboard, and Dingbat’s innovative patented design helps you set up your rig like a pro. All supplies needed for securing pedals and cabling to the board are included.

Dingbat SMALL includes a heavy-duty tour-grade soft case that meets carry-on requirements for all commercial airlines. No bag checking required. Premium materials and construction ensure superior performance and long-lasting protection for your pedalboard. A removable shoulder strap is included for easy transportation.

Dingbat Power Packages offer the convenience and added value of a factory-installed Voodoo Lab isolated power supply. Just add pedals and audio cables and you are ready to go. In addition to convenience, a factory-installed Pedal Power ensures any pedal will sound and perform its best. Even under poor AC line conditions, you can always count on Pedal Power to consistently deliver the cleanest most reliable power possible. Bundle-priced Power Package options for Dingbat SMALL include Pedal Power X8 or Pedal Power 2 PLUS.

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